Old timers are not falling behind

There are many men who resign on their sexual lives, even though they have wife or lovers that would others KILL for. Now the opinions might vary, because once you live with someone long enough to get accustomed to their presence, you tend to lose sight of how much they are beautiful, attractive or whatever else, you just see the same old face you saw all those years back. However romantic it may sound, it will definitely kill off your sexual appetite. And if that doesn’t happen to (firstly, congratulations, you have passed LIFE) then erectile dysfunction will. When you have a beautiful lover beside you and you can’t really give him or her the strongest erection of your life – that’s where the troubles begin.

When there is will, there is a way

For all those “old timers”, who would like to return a few years back and show the world (their lover specifically) that there is still that beast from long time ago, there is nothing easier than taking some Cobra 120 mg and getting the JOB DONE. And if you think it is something shameful to have sex after you hit 60 – you should watch some porn, sometimes, it’s quite educational.

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